The Arm Wrestling Trainer
"The A.R.M. Arm Resistance Machine"
developed by James Jerome

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The Arm TrainerThe A.R.M. Trainer is used for training your biceps, forearms, hands, wrist, chest, back. lats, triceps and shoulders to get you conditioned for the Sport of Arm Wrestling.
The Arm Wrestling Trainer will take YOU over the top, endorsed by 26 time World Champion Allen Fisher.  The A.R.M. Trainer is designed to take you to the top level.


$ 235.00 includes shipping & handling anywhere in the U.S.
(Buyer is responsible for fore their State Tax)
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Email:  James Jerome    (701) 305-0754

LifelineUSA® Resistance Bands are under warranty for 1 years from the date of purchase.

Available in the US & Canada
FatGriz sold separately